The Product

ANOTHOS Elite Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a realization of a complex and challenging process, spanning more than ten different craftsmen’ expertise.

A uniquely designed and intricately produced bottle is decorated with an exceptionally handcrafted bronze jewel. The bottle is dressed with a rich textural handmade Hellenic leather garment. The craftsmanship used from the bronze to the leather is adopted from the ancestral techniques and principles of Greek antiquity. A handcrafted sumptuous gift box completes the packaging.

ANOTHOS Elite Premium EVOO is released in a strictly limited supply of numbered bottles each year. Each bottle has capacity of 500 ml/16.9 fl oz and is carefully numbered by hand in the lower part of the bronze jewel.

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ANOTHOS Elite Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil is carefully encased in a unique handcrafted gift box.