ANOTHOS visionary founder Harry Kourouklis comes from the historical city of Chalkida. From the 8th century B.C. the Chalkideans contributed many of their achievements to the western world through their sea going routes. Among such contributions were the development of the first completed Greek alphabet and the principles of olive cultivation.

ANOTHOS, an elite premium food and beverage brand, emerges as the evolution of this inspiring heritage and tradition. By taking the values of antiquity and blending them with passion and artistic expression, ANOTHOS, promotes the unique Greek natural treasures to the highest position in the luxury marketplace.


ANOTHOS has a unique selection process for choosing the finest and oldest Greek olive groves. They are grown and cared in a traditional and natural way under the ultimate combination of perfect microclimate, soil properties and the indigenous Koroneiki cultivar.

Highly trained workers pick the olives and patiently select the healthiest ones by hand. Just a couple of hours after harvesting an exclusively refined cold extraction process delivers the richest flavour and taste that nature can offer.

A delicate long natural filtering process exploiting the force of gravity finesses the precious liquid by fully preserving its organoleptic properties and respecting its pureness. Bottling is being done by hand with maximum care by experienced personnel in strictly limited quantities each year.


ANOTHOS, Elite Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a distinctive intense green fruitiness flavor and a delicate as well as uniform fruity taste. Subtle and persistent flavors of apple, citrus fruits and freshly cut grass due to early harvest predominate. The pungery and bittery layers of its taste balance perfectly with its grassy essence and produce an addictive sensational amalgam. Its color is deep green.

Apart from its distinctive top organoleptic characteristics it excels in supreme chemical properties, which upon extraction are acidity = 0.28%, peroxide value = 5,7 meqO2/kg, K270 = 0.128, K232 = 1.539, DK = -0.002 and Waxes =17 mg/kg.