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What we're up to...

Currently, we are undergoing the prototyping phase of our first product, an intelligent technological solution – consisting of hardware and software elements.  We designed this solution to bring back consumer confidence and restore business resilience in physical indoor and outdoor spaces, as well as in public buildings and other publicly used infrastructure, in the wake of Covid-19.

In parallel, our subject matter experts have the capacity and know-how to design and develop tailored-made technological applications catering to the specific needs of our clients, shielding them in various ways from the cataclysmic effects of global pandemics.

Our vision in a nut shell

Our vision is to see the world becoming more “immune” against globalized black-swan events like the Covid-19 pandemic, and other biological systemic threats of this kind, regaining the earth’s sustainable dynamics.

Yes, we are on a Mission

Our mission is to develop innovative high-end technological solutions to galvanize medium and large-sized businesses against global market disruptions, and help their clients regain trust and confidence in each and every point of touch..

Who we are...

Our team is comprised of experts in the fields of engineering, manufacturing operations management, R&D, finance, marketing & PR, business development, information security, and health care systems.


Our combined multi-decade experience in all critical areas of expertise, having worked in various C-level positions, paves the way for the development of an innovative high-performance organization capable of identifying and solving the problems pertaining to the everchanging global demands.

Panagiotis Goumas

Operations Management

Finance & Controlling

Introductions are in order...

Harry Kourouklis
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Panagiotis is an electrical engineer. He holds an MBA and a series of professional certifications such as Lean 6-Sigma, Project Management, Plant Management, and Production Management. He has extensive experience in industrial operations management, operational planning, and budgeting. He has been employed in various C-level positions in multinational and Greek companies in the chemicals, industrial gasses, and recycling sectors.

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Harry is a seasoned economist with 20+ years of professional experience in financial services, marketing, and FMCG industries. He has worked as a financial analyst and asset manager, before transitioning to the F&B and marketing sectors. Harry is the author of two best-selling finance books. In 2016 he became a financial commentator on seekingalpha.com the most significant US financial portal, and in 2019 he transitioned to the cyclical and green energy sector

Angelo Aerakis

Sales & Marketing

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Angelo is a sales and marketing professional with many years of experience in the fields of medical devices and supplies, healthcare system management, healthcare marketing, and the development of medicinal product portfolios.  He has worked with some of the biggest names of manufacturers of medical devices globally, having established strong and time-tested connections. Angelo is a subject matter expert in the European and Asian medical devices market.

Maria Spiropoulou

International Business Development

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Maria is a seasoned business development, information security and certification expert. She has worked in Greece for various information security and certification bodies.   In 2000 she moved to Sweden, where he worked for the International Standards Organization DET NORSKE VERITAS on Information Security. She works as a business consultant in the field of implementation and development of European and International Standards.

Damianos Iosifidis

Research & Development

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Damianos holds a bachelor in electrical engineering and an MSc in Intelligent Management of RES.

As the founder of a company that deals with electrical applications, he has completed projects on energy and power production, distribution, renewable energy sources, and optimizing control tools in private and public sectors.  

He has a long-term collaboration with the Faculty of Health Sciences of AMC, co-developing scientific applications to advance health and well-being.