Sustaining business continuity

Our ground breaking innovation will interest all private businesses that have and operate physical spaces for their clients (such as retailers, malls, health centers, HO.RE.CA. venues, aircraft carriers, cruise ship operators, etc).  as well as in public buildings, sports complexes, and other outdoor establishments, assisting them to regain their clients' confidence.

Environmental Sustainability

Sustainability is  the only way of moving forward.  Even in these unprecedented times our focus is on how to sustain our planet through each and every action we take.

Each time we spend money we generate waste material.  Materials that land up in our oceans, in our rivers and lakes.

But this is not only about saving our planet from masks, antiseptic bottles and plastic shoe covers.   It is about saving your money in the first place from spending on them. 

It is about Sustainability in all its related facets.

The benefits 



of 99.9% of viruses and Covid-19 indoors or outdoors



Providing a safer operating environment



Holistic & fully effective disinfection solution for each incoming individuals



Fully automated electronic mechanism.

Restoring confidence

Returning customer confidence & sense of security


Lower Carbon Footprint


recycling needs

Masks, sanitation bottles and protective gear generate a vast amount of waste.  Our solution does not generate unneed waste in the environment.



We provide a cleaner solution to our environment by not generating waste materials,

Lower Co2 emissions

Offsetting your unavoidable CO2 emissions is a practical and immediate way to take ownership of your personal contribution to climate change

Save on 

safety related materials

Safety and protective material handling and storage reduced to zero .

Demonstration of commitment

Challenged with this new bio hazard reality, businesses are now required to implement and demonstrate measures to help them better manage the risk of infection in the workplace, where the main source of hazard is people.  

Anothos has launched an innovative biosafety measure that can be implemented by all physical businesses. It supports your business in managing the reduction of contamination risk by demonstrating your commitment to a safe environment for suppliers, employees & clients coming into your physical environment.

This is a solution of preparedness, a contingency plan in place,  for business continuity measures which will help you deal with the present and any future biosafety disruption. It is a solution that demonstrates commitment to compliance.