We all woke up in a different world...

...in which current technological advances have little to offer in holistic and reliable solutions against such systemic biological threats.


The business world is in desperate need of groundbreaking solutions to counterbalance the catastrophic economic side effects of global biological fragility. 

Lack of

efficient control

Inability to individually control and restrict the transmission of viruses to any incoming person in a public or private gathering place

Lack of


Lack of safe and fully-automatic technological solution for mass control and disinfection of incoming customers, as well as movement between departments,

Fear &


Overwhelming fear & suspicion of customers, especially vulnerable age groups.



Threat of financial collapse of the entire industry sectoer which is exclusively based on the physical presence and interaction of its clients.

Risk of COVID 19 recurrence


The ultimate need for individual  inspection

Technology that liberates individual inspection procedure




Hazardous Material

 Where does it all go?

Mass consumption of  protective gear

Plastic bottles

Protective Masks

Protective Gloves

Shoe covers

A Challenge like no other

Regaining consumer confidence

Ongoing safety

Efficient Risk Management

Prevalent &

rigorous screening


Risk Management